Hey, welcome to my website!

This is where i display my classwork or homework from college classes that i took up. I am a Laguardia student studying New Media Technology as a major which involved Game Design, Web development, Computer Art, Film, Video Editing , 3D Animation and much more in the future.

In my experience as a new media tech student i have developed new techniques that i have not considered learning before. I was challenged to create work that i have never thought that i would ever be doing in my future because i was planning to become an artist. I wanted to study fine art but as a last second decision i chose new media technology because i felt that i was limiting myself and wanted to broaden my future for more options in the job world. I have not regretted my decision because i really love being involved in technology that challenges me and it also crosses paths with my artistic dreams. Now i can combine my love of technology with my love of art/drawing into something like animation, digital artwork or even create a game using my artwork ideas.

feel interested in my work? Then check out more of my work. I am a traditional artist mainly but i do practice digital art; i practice Realistic portraits, comic books, Cartoons and even anime. Check out some of my other profiles!:


Enjoy and thank you for visiting,

Stacey Pietri